Birdland Animal Park

Boris loves his gum leaves. These two parrots are an item. Willow the wombat loves a cuddle. Wild egret visits most days Pelicans are regular visitors. Free ranging Guinea fowl. Emus miss nothing. Spirit guards her space. Peacocks love to show off! Owls hoping for a mouse for dinner.

Birdland Animal Park is a delightful and intimate hands-on experience. Forest paths wind through eight acres of sweeping waterfront trees and landscaped gardens brimming with native Australian animals, birds and reptiles (over 100 species). Make way for the chugging train just out of the tunnel! Most creatures trot up for hand feeding and patting. Cute orphan baby wombats (under Birdland's rear and release program) love to be cuddled. Have your picture taken beside a koala at feeding time. Perhaps try a snake around your neck while the majestic (and amorous) goanna looks on! Black swans, pelicans and egrets are just some of the regular visitors to the duck walk along the estuary bend. Rest and relax with a picnic or barbecue while children lap up the nearby play gym. Birdland wildlife is professionally cared for and beautifully presented. Nature at your fingertips! Be sure to visit and enjoy.

Location: 55 Beach Road, Batemans Bay, Batemans Bay & Eurobodalla, New South Wales, Australia

Location: 55 Beach Road, Batemans Bay, New South Wales, Australia


Phone: (02) 4472 5364


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